Ship Supplies to Africa

Africa Fire Mission

Firefighters in Africa often have very little or no personal protective equipment. The firefighters are brave and are often fighting fire with out the benefit of life saving protective equipment. They want to save lives and property and will do it at significant personal risk. Africa Fire Mission works to keep firefighters safe by sending personal protective equipment. We partner with local organizations and provide training to ensure that the equipment is used properly.

Fire Equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment) and Training Supplies are donated by fire departments throughout the United States, we store it in our container until it is full, then we ship it to Africa. We invite you to help us cover the cost of the storage and shipping.

Any amount is appreciated.
1 square foot for $10
6 square feet for $50
15 square feet for $125
69 square feet for $500
150 square feet for $1000
20 -foot container $12,000
40-foot container $20,000
AFM is a 501(c)3 organization. These gifts may be tax deductible.